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8 Top Gin Bloggers

Gin Bloggers

Whether you love Gin as much as us or are just getting started on your Gin journey these Gin bloggers are bound to be of interest.

If you want to do more than just read, watch and listen to people talking about Gin then we recommend you try our famous Henley’s Gin or even book our Gin distilling experience.

1. The Gin Guide 

In 2014, the visionary spirits writer Paul Jackson embarked on an extraordinary journey, giving birth to The Gin Guide —an unparalleled global resource for both industry professionals and enthusiastic consumers alike. More than just a guide, it emerged as a vibrant membership organisation, fostering a community of gin producers passionate about their craft.

At the heart of The Gin Guide’s mission is the commitment to empower consumers in their exploration of new gins, distilleries, and delightful ways to savour this beloved spirit. Simultaneously, it serves as a dynamic platform, a virtual stage where gin producers can captivate fresh audiences, share their stories, boost sales, and attract eager participants for immersive distillery tours.

The Gin Guide has successfully cultivated one of the world’s largest online gin communities, boasting an impressive 98,000 fervent followers and drawing in hundreds of thousands of website visitors annually. Notably, it has also earned international acclaim for its prestigious seal of approval—a symbol that resonates with gin enthusiasts globally.

We can’t mention The Gin Guide without mentioning that we at Henleys Distillery have won a couple of gin guide awards!

In 2022, we were distinguished as the New Distillery of the Year and in 2023, we also triumphed in the Traditional Gin Category.

2. Gin Squares – Travelling the World Vicariously Through Gin

Meet the dedicated gin enthusiast Allison, whose journey through the world of gin reads like a spirited adventure across continents and time. In the late ’80s, this gin aficionado first encountered the juniper-infused magic on a flight over Africa, marking the genesis of a lifelong love affair with this iconic spirit.

Fast forward to the gin boom of recent years, and our enthusiast found themself immersed in a newfound passion for gin, not just as a beverage but as a subject to be studied and cherished. The collection grew, nearing an impressive count of 600 bottles, each a testament to the insatiable curiosity and genuine appreciation for the craft.

During the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, Allison ingeniously transformed their collection into a source of virtual travel, embarking on “virtual gin tours” across Europe, Scotland, and even a whimsical “80 Days Around The World” journey. These weren’t your typical gin reviews; they were meticulously researched narratives, intertwining storytelling, local insights, and a deep dive into the brands themselves.

In 2021, our enthusiast’s journey reached new heights as they had the privilege of judging alongside esteemed names in the spirits industry for prestigious awards like the World Gin Awards, Gin Masters, and Scottish Gin Co-operative Awards. The experience was not just an honour but an invaluable learning opportunity, affirming their commitment to the craft.

Social media became a canvas for sharing the joy of gin, with regular posts showcasing bottles from the vast collection—whether purchased or gifted. Despite numerous offers, integrity remained intact, as this gin lover refrained from charging for social media content, ensuring the freedom to express honest opinions.

3. On the Sauce Again 

Meet Inka – a spirited individual with a love for all things alcoholic, particularly spirits. Hailing from Finland, where spirits are a cultural staple, Inka aims to demystify and celebrate these beverages. Her platform, On the Sauce Again, was born out of a desire to share information about spirits and encourage responsible enjoyment.

Living in a country where spirit advertising is restricted, Inka believes in education over secrecy. She advocates treating spirits with the same enthusiasm as wine or craft beer, delving into their intriguing backstories and diverse drinking possibilities. The goal is to make the world of spirits more accessible, engaging, and less intimidating.

In her globetrotting adventures, Inka goes beyond the glass, seeking firsthand experiences at distilleries, connecting with the people behind the spirits, and immersing herself in the cultural tapestry of each location. Her travels aren’t just about partying; they’re a quest to understand and appreciate life’s rich tapestry through the lens of spirits.

As a hospitality industry veteran, tourism and hospitality management graduate, and a freelance spirits writer, Inka brings a wealth of knowledge to her endeavours. 

4. The Gin Professors 

Their qualifications may not be in the realm of gin making, but for these enthusiasts, the credentials are simple – an unwavering love for exceptional gin. With three doctoral and two master’s degrees shared between them, the academic accolades lie in microbiology and theatre, with a sprinkle of organisational change management for one. It’s an unexpected background, but one that brings a unique perspective to their journey in the world of gin.

They see more than just a distilled spirit; they perceive an art form with diverse and nuanced flavours drawn from botanicals. For these aficionados, gin is not just a drink; it’s an adventure waiting to be savoured. Fond memories include sipping a zesty gin and tonic on a black sand beach in Sorrento or elevating the experience with millennium-old Icelandic glacial ice for a truly unique martini. 

Their global escapades also feature pairing vintage vermouths with matured gins in Singapore and crafting personalised gin and tonics at the vibrant Junipalooza festival in London.

5. Gin Blogger 

Meet Juliet and Bruce, the dynamic bloggers whose journey into the world of gin is as diverse as their life adventures. Over two decades ago, their story began with pints of lager, real ale, and a chance meeting at a pub on Dartmoor. Fast forward to chaotic yet fulfilling years, a business in copywriting, and a love for gin sparked by a fortuitous G&T at the Ritz.

Juliet’s first encounter with gin was at a business interview turned delightful escapade, while Bruce’s gin journey started with the distinctive brown stone bottle of Geneva Gin in a quaint pub. Together, they built a sunny haven for G&Ts, complete with a decking area and an eager canine companion who senses the ritual.

Amidst a life filled with construction industry copywriting, country living, and journalism, their love for gin grew. The idea to start a blog blossomed on their G&T decking, leading to this platform where they share their passion with fellow enthusiasts. Bruce, with a background in civil engineering and a penchant for real ale, complements Juliet’s gin tale as they navigate the world of spirits, big dogs, character houses, and the British countryside.

6. No Nonsense Gin Drinking 

For those with a love for the juniper-infused elixir, and prefer to watch rather than read reviews, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect haven! Where candid reviews, insightful comparisons, and tantalising cocktail concoctions are shown to you by your friendly, humourous guide No Nonsense Gin Drinking..

With a straightforward and unfiltered approach, expect nothing less than unvarnished honesty and a sprinkle of good-natured comedy to make the exploration even more delightful. 

7. The Ginfluencers UK

Meet the passionate gin enthusiasts and collectors based in London. Their collection boasts an impressive array of over 700 distinct gins, each bottle telling a unique tale of botanicals and craftsmanship through their Youtube Channel

These connoisseurs are thrilled to open the doors to their gin sanctuary and take you on an immersive journey through their spirited world.

Their mission is simple —to taste as many different gins as possible and offer an honest and insightful review for fellow gin enthusiasts. As guardians of an extensive gin library, they’re set to unravel the stories behind each bottle, sharing the nuances of flavours, aromas, and the distinctive characteristics that make each gin a standout experience.

8. Cocktail College 

Whilst this isn’t a blog, we had to share this incredible podcast. 

Tim McKirdy’s Cocktail College is your golden ticket to a weekly deep-dive into the artistry of classic cocktails alongside some of America’s most accomplished bartenders.

This isn’t your ordinary mixology class; it’s a comprehensive exploration led by industry experts. Prepare to uncover the secrets of mixology, dissecting every element from the choice of ingredients and the significance of ice to the finesse of shaking techniques, the artistry of garnishes, and the importance of glassware.

From perfecting the iconic Martini to adding flair to the exotic Mai Tai, Cocktail College is designed to leave no cocktail unexplored. Gaining insights from the best in the business and mastering the nuances that transform a drink into a crafted masterpiece.

Whether you’re an aspiring bartender, a seasoned mixologist, or someone with a passion for the art of cocktails, this is a really interesting listen with weekly episodes!