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What is Contract Distilling?

What is Contract Distilling?

Contract distilling is a collaborative effort, where a brand owner (the client) outsources the physical production of their spirit to a specialised contract distillery (like us!). 

The contract distiller uses their expertise and equipment to bring the client’s vision to life, crafting the spirit according to the agreed-upon recipe.

The Growth Of Contract Distilling

Contract distilling isn’t a new invention. Its roots can be traced back centuries in Europe, where established distilleries with excess capacity would produce spirits for others.

The rise of craft distilling, with its emphasis on experimentation and small-batch production, has fuelled this trend. Many new brands don’t need the upfront investment of building their own distillery that was once necessary. 

Contract distilling allows them to get their product on the market quickly and efficiently, while maintaining creative control over the recipe.

This collaborative approach fosters innovation within the spirits industry. 

Contract distillers, with their extensive knowledge and experience, can offer valuable insights and suggestions to clients, leading to the creation of truly unique and flavourful spirits.

The Contract Distilling Process

For a client the contract distilling process will look something like this:

1. Initial Consultation & Concept Development: 

  • Brainstorm and discuss your desired spirit type, flavour profile, target audience.
  • Explore botanicals or base spirits.

2. Recipe Formulation & Ingredient Selection:

  • Distillers put together a crafted recipe that reflects your brand.
  • Experiment with pilot batches to refine the recipe until you are happy.

3. Bottling, Labelling, & Packaging:

  • Development of a bottling and labelling design that reflects your brand.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Here at The Henley Distillery we are passionate about partnering with ambitious individuals and brands. 

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can transform your dream spirit into a bottled reality. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, from initial consultation to final production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is contract distilling right for me?Ideal for those with a spirit vision but lacking production facilities. Great for startups and established brands for new product lines.
What if I don’t have a recipe?Our distillers guide you through recipe development, exploring options to match your vision.
How long does the process take?6-18 weeks (consultation, recipe, pilot batches, bottling, labelling). Timeline varies on complexity.
Can I source my own ingredients?We source high-quality ingredients, but are open to discussing specific botanicals or base spirits relevant to your brand.
How do I get started?Contact The Henley Distillery via our website or phone. Our team is happy to answer questions and discuss your spirit dream.