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Jacob and Alan

The Henley Distillery is owned and run by Master Distiller, Jacob Wilson.  At 27 years old, Jacob has gained recognition and respect in the gin world, climbing to the top of the ladder at major UK distilleries winning multiple awards in bringing over 30 gins to market.  He has now funnelled his passion, refined his exquisite palate and harnessed his intricate experience and knowledge of the distilling process to go into partnership with his father and realise his dream of creating his own spirits, in his own distillery, doing it his own way.

About JacobJacob is Henley-born and has brought his dream venture back to his home town.  As the son of local artists, Jacob has inherited not only his parents’ love of gin but their passion for hand-crafted quality.  Our stills have been affectionately named after Jacob’s Grandfathers, Mac and Tony, both highly respected locals and the rotund, copper vessels are not only the heart of the distilling process but stand proud at the heart of the distillery itself.

Jacob is refreshingly stubborn and categorically refuses to compromise on quality.  Despite his recipe development and botanical combinations being leading edge and innovative, his distilling roots are firmly planted in traditional, artisan methods. 

Gin method

Henley Gin - The Method

300l gleaming copper alembic stills ‘Tony & Mac’ are heated over open flames giving Jacob complete control over each of the genuinely small batches.  There are no industrial rectifying columns here, nothing is chill-filtered and each bottle of the single-shot sipping gin is hand-filled, hand-labelled, hand-numbered and sealed with pride.

Jacob makes the cuts by taste, not machine.  He runs the stills to the point at which they produce the optimum flavour and there starts the heart of the batch.  The heads and tails are discarded and Henley Gin is the premium spirit that remains.

To learn more about the distilling process from a Head Distiller and taste the kind produced at The Henley Distillery, why not take advantage of one of our gin experiences.

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