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The Henley Distillery

The Henley Distillery showcases leading-edge, contemporary spirit innovation rooted firmly in traditional, artisan methods. At the heart of The Henley Distillery, beyond crafting our renowned Henley Gin & Temple Island Rumlies our core specialty in contract distilling services.

Adapting every contract to suit each client, we offer bespoke services including recipe development, bonded storage and end-to-end fulfilment.

Employing traditional 300l alembic stills, we excel in premium quality, small-batch spirit production, yet our contract distilling capabilities allow us to efficiently produce over 300,000 bottles annually.

Contracts are placed in the safe hands of Jacob, an artisan and professional whose outstanding reputation has been earned by leading clients through a stress-free process ensuring premium quality and service for their brand.

Unusually for a contract distiller, Jacob is winning as many awards for his contract spirits as he is for his own Henley Gin & Temple Island Rum, showcasing that the quality of the spirits produced at The Henley Distillery remain the best they can be no matter whose name goes on the label.


  • Recipe development and consultation
  • Award-winning white label spirit distillation
  • Small batch contract distilling producing hand-bottled productions of premium spirits (minimum-order 300 bottles)
  • Capacity to produce 300k bottles per year
  • End to end fulfilment offered including bonded storage

Please get in touch to chat to Jacob or Kerry about your requirements as we are always happy to tailor each contract to suit the needs of our clients.

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What makes The Henley Distillery unique in contract distilling?

We blend advanced technology with traditional, artisan methods in our contract distilling.

Our 300l alembic stills, heated over open flames, allow for high-quality, small-batch spirit production.

Despite this focus on craftsmanship, our capacity to produce over 300,000 bottles annually caters to both small and large-scale requirements.

Can I create a completely custom spirit with The Henley Distillery?


Our bespoke service enables you to develop a unique spirit from scratch.

Our team will assist in recipe development, offering over 100 botanicals and flavours, ensuring your vision for a distinctive spirit is realised.

How does the process of contract distilling work?

Our process begins with a consultation to understand your vision, followed by recipe development with our expert team.

After finalizing the recipe, we move to distillation, bottling, and labeling, maintaining open communication and quality assurance throughout.

What is the minimum order quantity for contract distilling?

This depends on the product, we tailor a bespoke proposal and contract to suit each client’s requirements.

How long does it take from initial consultation to final product delivery?

The timeline varies based on project complexity and specific spirit requirements, generally spanning from several weeks to a few months.

We focus on efficient workflow while upholding the highest quality standards.

Can you assist with branding and labeling for contract distilled spirits?

We provide comprehensive end-to-end fulfilment services, including branding and labeling assistance, to ensure your product excels in both taste and shelf appeal.

Is there an option for bonded storage for the spirits produced?

We offer bonded storage solutions for our contract distilled spirits, ensuring secure storage until distribution readiness.